Now (Dec 2021)

This page was inspired by Gergely Orosz and Derek Sivers now pages*.

Here's what I'm doing now.



In my daily job I did not have the chance to learn and play with React so I decided it's time to start learning the fundamentals and expertise it.

The course I've chosen to do so is Epic React by Kent C Dodds.

You can read about this journey in my blog


During my job research, I had the chance to take a LiveCoding session in one of the stages in the interview process with Florian Pichler for simplabs and the statement was: "Let's build a TO-DO list app together, and the condition is to use a component framework none of us have used before".

The election was Svelte and, after checking their docs and playing around I really got in love with it. I mainly like the way it solves classic Component problems for web development:

The course I've chosen to do so is Svelte (Frontend Masters) by its creator Rich Harris.

Open Source and Personal Projects

This website

This website you are visiting right now is still under construction. New features, creation of content, small adjustments, changes in the UI are part of my main focus right now.

You can take a look into the code here.

What's coming next?

You can find the next contributions or personal projects I'm planning in my GitHub Project Board

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What I'm watching







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