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Here's what I'm doing now:

You can see what I was doing previously here.

🎓 Now I'm learning


In my previous job at Marfeel I did not have the chance to learn and play with React as much as I would have liked. In my current job at simplabs I'm working on a project built in React.

It's good to learn by doing but when we cross that with delivering value in a certain amount of time is when some of the foundations can be left a part so that's why I've decided it's time to start learning the fundamentals and become a React expert.

The course I've chosen to do so is Epic React by Kent C Dodds.

You can read about this journey in my blog


Rust is here to stay. A lot of interesting projects are going on, the community is huge and loves it, and I'm excited to learn more about it.

Due to my interest in web development, software automation and the opportunity to learn and use Rust with simplabs, I decided to start doing my first steps with it.

The course I've chosen to do so is's Rust track.

If you are curious about my progress and submitted solutions to the exercises, you can see them here

👨🏽‍💻 Open Source and Personal Projects


Percy is an all-in-one visual review platform.

My recent contributions to the project are the following ones:


percy-storybook is Percy's Storybook SDK.

  • [Discussion] Improve documentation for options: waitForTimeout and waitForSelector
  • [Discussion] Is there a way to make Percy wait for Storybook Interactions to happen?


Renovate is a bot for automated dependency updates.

My recent contributions to the project are the following ones:


renovatebot/renovate is the Universal dependency update tool that fits into your workflows.


Storybook is a project to build bulletproof user interfaces

My recent contributions to the project are the following ones:


storybookjs/repro-templates reproduces repositories of Storybook example projects online with Stackblitz.

  • [Issue] Bug: When opening a Stackblitz link, it gets stuck forever

What's coming next?

You can find the next contributions or personal projects I'm planning in my GitHub Project Board

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